Stronger Together. A message from BTM during COVID-19.

At Berks Teens Matter, we believe in the power of community and coming together. We work with youth in our neighborhoods, schools, and with our community partners, to reduce teen pregnancy, re-shape sexuality education, and to help create a stronger foundation in our families.

During this uncertain time, we are reliant upon resources in our community and the support of those around us. Explore this page to find resources, educational activities, info on safe sex during COVID-19, and more!

Be safe and Be well!

Community Resources

Find meals, mental health support, sexual health resources, and more.

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Safe Sex During Covid-19

Top 4 Tips for Safe Sex During Covid

  • Social Distancing: COVID can be transmitted through secretions of the mouth, such as saliva and mucus.  Therefore, it is important to limit new and/or multiple sexual partners.  COVID can also be transmitted through fecal matter.
  • Take this time to explore and discover what makes you sexually satisfied. Remember to wash your hands before and after any sexual activity or intimacy.  Also wash and sanitize any toys used during intimacy.
  • If you are dating someone or others that don’t reside with you, consider phone/video dating or sending personal letters.
  • Thinking about meeting new people? Consider online dating.

For Teens

Find out everything you need to know about staying safe and healthy when it comes to relationships, dating, and sex during Covid-19.

Lessons and Activities for Parents

Take this opportunity to talk to your teens about sex and safety. Explore our lessons and activities to start the conversation!

QuaranTeens - Activities, Self-Care, and Content for Teens in Quarantine

“Being a Teen during a Quarantine is pretty lame. No friends. No prom, no school. You get the picture. But how about starting a blog? Or what about checking off your daily Self Care list? We’ve got ideas to cure the boredom and ideas to help you take care of you!”

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Virtual Health Resource Center


M-F 11am-1pm
Join Via Zoom!
Meeting ID: 931-788-7342

The Health Resource Center provides a private, confidential, easily-accessible place where youth can receive high-quality sexual and reproductive health counseling, education, and/or services from a trained professional. Due to coronvirus closures,  the Health Resource Center will now be virtual and open to all Berks County Teens!

Conversation Questions With Nadine

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