Become an Ambassador

Youth activists advocate for change within their communities—working to promote honest, open communication about sexuality and to safeguard your access to sexual health information and services.

If you’d like to make a difference in Berks County by helping reduce teen pregnancy, consider becoming a Youth Ambassador for Berks Teens Matter. We’re looking for teens aged 13-19 of all races and genders.

What will you do? You’ll meet with us  monthly and help us understand how to reach and educate your peers with our message through marketing, events and social media. We’ll brainstorm attention grabbing ideas like condom prom dresses and sidewalk chalk campaigns.

What will you get? A resume builder with real experience. Joining BTM will teach you about working with a team, reaching goals, and networking. You’ll get hands-on experience blogging, recording PSA’s (radio & TV!), and contributing to our Instagram account.  And snacks. You’ll get lots of snacks. 


Please email your completed application and consent form (below) to our Youth Ambassador Coordinator,  Johnathan Rodríguez Báez, at, or print it out and drop it off at the Health Resource Center in the nurse’s office – door #5

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